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The Creator

"I wanted to make jewelry
for when we don't want
not dressing in the morning "

Behind Helmut Paris hides Camille Vernier. In her Parisian workshop, she harnesses herself to bend plexiglass, to find the perfect balance of her double rings gilded with fine gold and to defy the laws of gravity. When she talks about Helmut Paris, it is with passion and humor. She designs her jewelry taking inspiration from architecture, design and all the emotions that surround her.

Her eye as an artistic director and her love for fashion passed down from a mother stylist led her in 2013 to devote herself fully to the creation of jewelry.

But not just any, the ones you can't see everywhere. She wanted them large but comfortable so that everyone could appropriate them as they wanted. Delicate, but not a blue flower. The materials she works with are chosen as much for their elegance as their lightness.

Camille is guided by an implacable sense of detail and an unfailing humor that she transcribes in all of her creations.

Thank you Solveig